New (free) audio codec
Marries Xiph's CELT and Skype's SILK
Low Latency unlike Vorbis, AAC, MP3
For online chat (WebRTC)
What else?
New format adoption is expensive
2x rule
JPEG is good enough
GIF is good enough
(but we have PNG for patent reasons)
is MP3 good enough?
No baseline audio codec for the web
MP3, AAC -> patent issues
Vorbis -> not AAC
Opus is better than MP3
Opus is better than Vorbis, AAC
FOR SPEECH, Opus is much better than Vorbis, AAC
even if latency doesn't matter.
So put Opus in a a container, and use it
for files
for http streams
Two free containers:
Ogg vs Matroska
Ogg: streaming oriented Xiph people like it Some people don't
Matroska: more features Same container WebM uses Not well specified (strict profile)
What should .opus use?